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I'm not an appliance person, but..

We made it through Christmas weekend BJ! After making gift suggestions for "hard-to-buy-for people" I realized that I myself, can be one of those very people... I tend to be a minimalist, probably because we have moved so many times and I just get tired of moving so much stuff. So when people ask me what I want for Christmas my go-to answer is usually, socks. I can put holes in socks like nobody else I know! It is funny to me that kids dread getting socks for Christmas... every year I get a few pairs of socks and I am so grateful! This year however, I received some really neat gifts I would not have thought of, and I...

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Why wait till 2023?

When it comes to New Year's Resolutions I tend to be a bit skeptical... The whole New-Year-New-Me thing just doesn't seem to stick year after year. Would you agree? Or are you a stickler for that January 1st-Fresh-Start? I'm with you, it is nice to have somewhere to draw the line from old to new, 2022 to 2023, and possibly habits you dislike and ones you would prefer to have, but why do we put this practice off for the New Year? Why only once a year? Personally, I like using the Solstices and Equinoxes to reevaluate my intentions and practices 4 times a year. It just feels more natural, and in-tune with the seasons to have self-reflection on these...

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One of those things I LOVE to HATE!

65+ mph gusts, temps well below freezing, and wind chills below zero. Happy Wyoming Winter! I mean real winter now... the weather outside is, well, a bit frightful. Appropriate for the season, I might add. We are finally are having our first actual blizzard of the year and it's about time! I love it when it snows, but it does make things a bit challenging for shipping products. This is what I mean when I say Winter is the thing I love to hate. So much depends on how much snow we get here, not just for us, but for our whole nation! When we get snow in Wyoming, (becuase a large part of the Continental Divide runs through this...

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Happy Thanksgiving from Our Growing Family to Yours!!

Happy Thanksgiving! It has been a couple of weeks since I have blogged... Hello! We had our first son, Peter Henry Edwards, on November 7 at 1am. He weighed 6lbs 15oz and has been strong and healthy from the very beginning. ​ I got to have a quick and completely unmedicated birth experience at our local Ivinson Memorial Hospital. There were no complications and we got to go home a little over 24 hours after Peter was born. I was so grateful for how smoothly everything went and how kind, helpful, and respectful the staff at Ivinson was. ​ We also had the support of our amazing Doula, Jacqueline George out of Medicine Bow, Wyoming. She was so much help...

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The Vinaigrette that Saved the Week!

I'm sure you know the feeling, a fridge so full of leftovers- you can't hardly find anything you need! Every time you open the door, you are waiting for a cascade of tupperware to bury you on the kitchen floor and you just hope someone else will be around to help dig you out!! Well, it has officially been one week since Thanksgiving and we are down to just a bit of the dark meat now, but earlier this week we still had mashed potatoes, string beans, carrots, pie, and a huge tupperware of turkey to abscond with! We could freeze the leftovers, but we don't have much freezer space right now and I was up for the challenge of...

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