Our Story

Are you tired of feeling guilty each time you eat?

Are you sick of feeling like knowing more about your food makes you want to stop eating?

Does reading packages on "farm-fresh" food products from the grocery store leave you wondering where your food actually comes from?

Do you wish you could see the place where your food is raised and shake the hand of the farmers who raise it?

Do you yearn for food that is actually good for you, your community, and your environment all at once?

We know how you feel because we were right there with you!


As someone who grew up with dietary issues that doctors couldn't seem to help with- I know how it feels to be constantly frustrated and in pain every time I ate!

I was finally sick of being sick, and sick of feeling like, just because I was human, I was ruining the world and continuing a broken food system.


I decided it was time to take things into my own hands- it was time to start Taste of the Wind.

At Taste of the Wind we raise ethical, local, food that is good for you, for your community and for your environment!

How do we do this?


We turn food waste such as hydroponically-grown organic produce, and spent grains from local breweries, that is headed to the dump into nutrient dense, and ethical food products for you!


We currently collect an average of 1500 pounds of food waste every week. This is collected from 12 different waste streams including 1 local bread supply-chain, Bonds Brewing Company, the Laramie Soup Kitchen, Laramie Interfaith,  and sometimes even food en-transit on Interstate-80...

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Our goal is complete transparency.


We want you to know where your food comes from, where it spends its life, how it is raised, what it eats, and how it is processed.

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We only want your business if you agree with what we are doing 100%. 


We also are always interested in your feedback so we can improve what we do. 


Feel free to reach out to us, we are always a phone call, email, DM or PM away!