Our Story

Hey, this is BJ!
I'm your FarmHer.
I run Taste of the Wind with my husband Chris, and our son, Peter.
If I was talking to you in person, I would shake your hand and ask you...
Have you ever thought to yourself,
"Wouldn't it be nice if I could just eat without feeling scared of what's in my food?"
I'm asking you this because I have thought this too!
To be honest, this is why I started raising food. I didn't feel like I could trust what was in my food from the grocery store- especially when it came to feeding my family.
I bet you found us because you care about where your food comes from.
You are tired of feeling like you can't trust the grocery store to offer you quality food, and you want to support your local community rather than big corporations who don't exactly have your well-being or that of the animals' or the environment in mind...
Well, you are in the right place, thanks for joining me!
Thanks for caring...
About your health and the health of your family.
About the health of our environment.
About the strength of our communities.
You aren't the normal eater because you care about where your food comes from and you care about how what you eat affects the world we live in, near and far.
Thanks for caring and thanks for letting us be your farmers!
Together we can make the world a better place, one bite at a time.