Grass-Finished Beef Spring Slow-Cooker Bundle

Grass-Finished Beef Spring Slow-Cooker Bundle

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Enjoy Wyoming's Natural Pastures to Their Fullest with our Nutrition-Packed Grass-Finished Spring Slow-Cooker Bundle.

Busy busy Sprintime is the perfect time to throw a roast in the crock pot or oven at the beginning of the day and to come back to a house full of wonderful smells and dinner ready and waiting for you at the end of the day.

Slow-Cook your way to better health with our Ethically-Raised, 100% Grass-Finished, Heritage Breed Beef. We have selected a few of our favorite slow-cooker cuts for you to try.

This bundle contains a sampler of our favorite Favorite Grass-Finished Beef Roasts, SHort Ribs, Cross-Cut Shanks, Soup Bones, and some Ground Beef for quick and easy meals in between slow-cooker roast adventures!

Each size contains at least one of the following, the larger sizes contain multiples, plus an assorted roast or two:

Ground beef

Chuck Roast

Short Ribs

Arm Roast

Meaty Soup Bones


A copy of our custom cookbook chock-full of recipes for you to try out with your order.

Get your tender, juicy, nutrition-packed, Wyoming-Raised, Grass-Finished Beef that you can feel good about eating from the inside out, today!