Icelandic Wool Felted Collar

Icelandic Wool Felted Collar

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Our Icelandic Wool Felted Collars are a beautiful way to support the Taste of the Wind flock and wear the flock!

These collars are two icelandic fleeces. The top fleece is sustainably sheared by the Shepherd, BJ, herself! It is rolled up and laid out on top of a fleece that BJ cards into large sheets of roving called 'rolags'. This initial process of shearing and carding 2 fleeces takes a total of 10 hours. The fleeces are intensely washed and wet-felted together in an intensive process that involves lots of biodegradable soap, 1000+ rolling motions, and lots of elbow grease. The collar is shaped, picked, and rolled again. Finally, the felted collar is dried in the Wyoming breeze and sunshine and brushed out to yield a light, yet durable, 100% wool product that is a beautiful but functional collar for your to dawn upon your strong and confident shoulders. 

These collars are very easy to clean. You can simply hose them off, add a little soap, rinse and hang to dry! Or if they just need freshening up, you can take them outside and rub them in a snow bank and shake them out.

These collars are made to order. Simply purchase this online item and designate what color you would like.

The price does not include shipping, if you would like your felted pelt shipped, please select a shipping option when you go to check out.

Then allow 2-8 weeks for completion and delivery.

I can't wait to send you a little piece of the Taste of the Wind Flock!