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There's Only a few days left to Reserve Meat for 2023 be entered into our Giveaway!

Lambing Season is well on its way!

We are up to 10 lambs and almost half-way done.

We have had some interesting ups and downs so far this year.

But everyone is looking spry and healthy and enjoying the beautiful weather we have been getting this weekend!

If it won't load in the box above, you can Check out this video here of what I like to call "The Taste of the Wind Lamb Races."

In case you missed it, here is my latest podcast episode where I shared my interview with Dr. Tammy Grey-Steele of the National Women in Agriculture Association.

It was kind of fun to talk about my own farm on the podcast for a change.

Although, I do prefer learning about what other farmers and ranchers are doing and how they implement their goals of sustainability across the West.

Next week, I am publishing a podcast episode where I interview Melissa Hemken of Melissahof Farm in Lander, Wyoming.

Melissa raises heritage breed chickens on pasture and she started her own hatchery business here in the state to help her accomplish several aspects of sustainability and to participate in and strengthen our local food system. Stay tuned to hear about her business, her poultry, and what she envisions the future of food looking like in Wyoming and beyond.

Melissa is providing our meat bird roosters this year, the chicks are being transported as I type this, from Lander to Laramie by EatWyoming so they never have to enter the Postal System. They will spend tonight in Casper under a heat lamp with feed and water, and they will arrive here tomorrow morning along with my monthly Veggie-Box.

I can't wait!

Want to reserve some of these Heritage Meat Chickens for your freezer this summer?

You still can!

But not for much longer...

There are only two more weeks left to place your deposits on bulk meat packages from Taste of the Wind for 2023.

Half of our meat birds are already reserved for this year.

And we only have...

2 Hog slots

6 Beef slots


5 Lamb slots

left for 2023.

Have you placed your deposit yet?

Don't wait, once these slots are filled we won't be adding any more to 2023.

Here are what others are saying about our lamb, beef, chicken, and pork:

  • "My sister and I had some lamb chops for dinner tonight. They were as delicious as we remembered from the ones we got a couple of years ago. What an incredible treat. We will be doing this every year!"

-Pam J. Winthrop Harbor, Illinois

  • "Just roasted one of your chickens last night, it was so tender and juicy! We will have two meals of roast chicken from it! I also made 4 quarts of bone broth and chicken corn chowder from the carcass. That's a lot of meals from one chicken!"

-Lynn L. Laramie, WY

  • "Can I just say that the boneless pork chops from our half hog are the best grilled chops I have ever had? We would eat them every other night if my hubby had his way. They are the reason we immediately put a deposit on another half hog. Heavenly!!!"

-Susan D. Timnath, CO

  • "These steaks are amazing! Incredibly tender and a medium rare is perfect. Salt and pepper in a hot cast iron, sear on both sides and tossed in the oven for 5 minutes at 400 degrees. Perfection."

-Bryce B. Jelm, WY

Frequently asked questions about our bulk meat packages:

How much freezer space will I need?

Half and whole hog packages fit easily inside a standard chest freezer.

Whole and half lamb packages fit inside the small freezers attached to fridges.

Beef packages can be a bit more complicated, but I have two charts you can view on the product page, HERE.

How much does it cost?

Deposits are due by May 1st to hold your spot. Deposits are approximately half of the total product cost.

You can view the deposit amounts and final amounts due on the bulk meat product page HERE.

Is it organic?

Our products are not certified organic. We value sustainability over organic certification because a few aspects of organic certification are not sustainable, including the cost of organic certification- (and we would like to keep our product prices as low as we possibly can) so we choose not to participate in this USDA Organic Certification program.

However, we do not use chemical dewormers, hormones, or antibiotics in our livestock who are destined to become nourishment for our customers. If you have a specific question about our management practices, we are happy to answer any questions you may have. We want to make sure our products are the perfect fit for you before you commit to purchasing a bulk meats package from us.

When will it be ready?

Hogs will be ready in late June/Early July

Beef will be ready on a first-come-first-serve basis starting in June and going no later than November.

Lambs will be ready in November.

Chickens will be ready late August through September.

How is it packaged?

All of our meats are shrink-wrapped/vacuum sealed at a USDA inspected plant. If you would like them paper-wrapped instead, email me and we can discuss options for different processing facilities (if you are within the state of Wyoming). If you are out of state, your meat is required to be processed in a USDA inspected plant. The only way to get around this is for you to come to Wyoming to pick it up.

Our chickens are shrink-wrapped and frozen by us unless you request to pick them up fresh on the day of processing. We cannot ship our chickens across the state-line because they are not inspected.

How long will the meat last?

We recommend consuming meats you have purchased within one year. However, meats in shrink-wrapped/vac-sealed packaging have lasted upwards of 2 years in our experience without compromising the quality of the meat, as long as the seal stays intact. You can reduce the likelihood of busting the seal on the package by reducing the amount of times your packaged meat is moved from one place to another. Waxed-paper wrapped meats tend to last longer because the seal doesn't break on these packages like it can with the plastic packaging. If you are wondering how many people a package will feed your household for, you can take a look at this chart I made to help out with this question.

What makes your meats different?

All or our meats come from Heritage Breed animals. Icelandic Sheep, Mangalitsa Hogs, Longhorn and Highland Cattle, and Dominique, Buckeye, Orpington and Salmon Faverolle Chickens. This leads to darker, richer, meat with more flavor and fat than the standard meat available at the supermarket. Our animals also grow slower, due to our harsh climate and the fact that we raise slower-growing breeds. We think this contributes positively to the flavor, texture, and nutrient density of our meats. Our animals are finished on pasture with a wide variety of foods, so they have the ability to select what plants and foods they need or want in order to thrive. They also have access to clean air, water, and sunshine throughout their lives, which we believe improves their quality of life and subsequently enhances the quality of our products, (see some of our recent customer reviews above).

Do you have any questions that I haven't highlighted here?

Reply to this email and let me know what I can answer for you!

Don't forget, when you place your deposit by April 15th, (that's only 3 days from today- April is FLYING BY, isn't it!?)

you will get 5 extra entries to win one of our Meet Your Rancher Giveaway Experiences this summer!

-Tour the Balzan Longhorn Cattle Ranch

-Take part in the Rardin Highland Calf Branding

-Learn how to process meat with BJ at the new Taste of the Wind Farm

Want to learn a bit more about your ranchers before the giveaway?

Check out the Taste of the Wind Podcast Episodes about the ranchers we work with.

Interested in why what we do is good for the land?

Check out this highlight about how the Rardins use sustainable cattle grazing to rejuvenate landscapes:

"Just one Bite" from WPR's The Modern West.

We care about the future and we believe that Sustainable and Ethical Food is the best way to build a brighter world.

We hope you will join us in making the world a better place in 2023.

Thanks for being here!

Hope you have an amazing week!

-BJ, Peter, and the Taste of the Wind Crew

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