Does Easter Weekend Give You Cibophobia?

Does eating out or at someone else's house cause you anxiety?

Cibophobia is the fear of food, and for me it always seems to strike at get-togethers with a meal involved.

What a gesture it is, for our families and friends to offer to feed us!

Food has always linked us together as a cultural glue, and to refuse to eat at a gathering would just come off as an insult, wouldn't it?

So foregoing the meal or even worse, vocalizing your dietary restrictions, just makes you come of as a control freak...

Neither of these seem like viable options without crumbling the very foundations of jovial family cordiality at annual get-togethers-to-come...

BUT, you have worked so so so hard towards feeding your gut microbiome, avoiding certain ingredients, and you are finally feeling the amazing effects coming through, and just one evening spent with the people you love eating the very foods you have been avoiding at all costs swoops in to level your efforts...


I get it!

I have been living this reality right along side you for the past several years and it can be such a tough balance!

Luckily, you are not alone.

There is a world-wide tribe with the same priorities and struggles and I want to make sure you know how to connect with more people just like us!

Have you heard of the Weston. A Price Foundation?

If you have been getting my emails for a bit, you have probably realized how much I rely-on and recommend books like

Deep Nutrition


Nourishing Traditions

These are my two favorite Gut-Whole Health Bibles.

Sally Fallon Morell and Dr. Thomas S. Cowan MD are members of the Board of the Weston A. Price Foundation and they have been doing some very important work, linking integral-human-nutrition back to indigenous and traditional diets and educating folks like us who live in a culture that is devoid of traditional and cultural health-based practices.

WAPF releases a quarterly journal, they have a local food guide, a podcast, as well as food product and restaurant reviews, and they have informational pamphlets that talk about nutrient-dense eating and why certain common claims about food and health are just so far off...

You can access all of this on their website HERE.

I was searching for a local WAPF Chapter and realized the closest ones to Laramie are Fort Collins CO, and Buffalo WY.

So I am starting a WAPF chapter in Laramie to help connect folks with local, clean, nutrient-dense food in their area.

I'm excited to help make this info more accessible to locals, because Food is Medicine, and we do have the power to influence our own health for the better using our dietary choices.

I appreciate having an entire foundation behind the way I eat and the health/lifestyle choices I make.

It eases my "Cibophobia," gives me resources to fall back on when I have to educate and support myself and my family in our decisions, and pushes me to routinely examine my choices and adjust what I am doing so I can work towards better health.

Not to mention, the scores of awesome recipes woven into WAPF resources!

I recently tried out making some Beet Kvass using whey from the milk from my sheep after reading this WAPF

article on Fermented Sodas and Beverages.

I can't wait to taste it!

So, what shall we do to eat well this Easter Weekend???

I found this awesome guide to dying eggs without food coloring.

It uses food ingredients like tea, onion skins, beets, turmeric, spinach, and blueberries instead of food coloring.

Did you know that many food colors that are permitted to be used in foods in the US are banned in other countries such as Europe?

Examples include Yellow 5, Red Dye 40, Blue 3 and 5- all of which are in food coloring you can find on the shelf at the grocery store.

I don't know about you, but I don't feel comfortable giving my child eggs laced with potentially harmful substances, for the sake of aesthetics...

Another option is to buy your eggs pre-colored!

Our eggs are naturally varying shades of the earthy-spectrum without any dyes!


We are back to stocking them at the Big Hollow Coop in Laramie, on Mondays and Fridays!

Looking for a clean and hearty centerpiece option this Easter-Weekend?

Try out one of our Taste of the Wind

Pastured-Pork Shoulder,

Grass-Finished Beef Sirloin Tip,


Grass-Finished Leg of Lamb Roasts!

You can order yours HERE. (Order today for Friday delivery!)

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Happy Easter, we hope you have a Lambtastic weekend!

-BJ and the Taste of the Wind Crew

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