Taste of the Wind Pastured Pork Sampler-Variety Bundle

Taste of the Wind Pastured Pork Sampler-Variety Bundle

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Have a little Taste of the Farm Life delivered to your door!

This sampler bundle includes a 7 lb variety of our Pasture-Raised Heritage-Breed Pork from the Taste of the Wind Farm.

Experience the Pasture-Raised, Wyoming-Grown Difference with Taste of the Wind:

This pork is Packed with Nutrient-Dense flavor so you can get more with less. Our pastured pork is full of tenderness and flavor.

Tired of trying to figure out whether your food has "other stuff" in it or not? Us too!

We add nothing to our meat to change the color, or texture or weight of our products. (With the exception of cured meats like ham, bacon, and sausage- which have the ingredients listed on the packages- please feel free to message me if you would like to know the ingredients of these items before purchase).

You receive meats from Taste of the Wind exactly as they were harvested from the animal, by expert butchers at our local USDA Inspected processing facility in Laramie Wyoming. When you order meat from us, you can be confident that meat is exactly what you will get. Clean, pure, honestly-and-ethically-raised meat.

That's it!

Your Pastured Pork Sampler bundle will include:

some of our favorites like

2 packages of Pork Chops

1 package of Bacon,

1 lb of our delicious and flavorful Ground Pork

1 package of our life-changing Ham Steaks

1 lb of our tasty Breakfast Sausage

5 of Our Favorite Pork Recipes,


A Taste of the Wind Bumper Sticker to show off your local-farm and ranch pride.

We can't wait for you to try our Pork!